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What foods are healthy? What is the best way to achieve a healthy weight? What are good nutritious snacks that kids actually like?

We asked SuperKids Nutrition Founder, Registered Dietitian, and Creator of the Super Crew ®, Melissa Halas-Liang, MA RD CDE, and her winning team of nutrition and health experts to provide us with the answers to frequently asked nutrition questions that parents and educators demand to know. This team represents a diverse, nationally recognized group of Registered Dietitians and nutrition professionals who specialize in Childhood, School, and Family Nutrition. They provide nutrition resources, services and fun educational activities to help schools and communities to be their best.

SuperKids Nutrition Answers Your Questions on Nutrition, Fitness, and Health

Q: What are some easy, tasty, fun, and healthy snacks to have available for kids when they come home from school? All my daughter wants is junk....She is so hungry; it's hard to convince her to have a carrot stick!
Q: I can't get my kids to eat vegetables. Is fruit just as good?
Q: It is inevitable that you have to eat fast food on occasion. What are the better options for our kids?
Q: Is it OK to let my kids get their own snacks whenever they want?
Q: How bad is high fructose corn syrup for my kids?
Q: I got a note from my daughter's school telling me she is overweight. What am I supposed to do now, put her on a diet?
Q: My child eats a lot throughout the day and is still very thin. How can I beef him or her up?
Q: How bad are chicken nuggets?
Q: I'm usually folding laundry while my young child eats dinner and she won't sit still. Nothing works! What can I do? She doesn't seem to want to eat dinner.
Q: Between all the birthday parties, holidays, Halloween, and school celebrations it seems like my kid is always having junk. What can I do to break the junk food cycle?
Q: I always hear about fiber. What foods are high in fiber and why do my kids even need it?
Q: My in-laws have been telling me my child is "chunky." He's just solid, built strong. I don't want to be too strict on food choices, they're only young once and I want him to enjoy his childhood. What should I do?
Q: How can I save on costs when preparing meals, but still keep our family's diet healthy? It's so expensive to feed families these days.
Q: What can I give my child for breakfast when she says she's not hungry?


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About SuperKidsNutrition: Melissa Halas-Liang is the founder and Editor in Chief of, a website offering expertise and services from a diverse group of national experts who share a passion and commitment for good nutrition. Her purpose is “to save the world one healthy food at a time™”. Melissa is also the author of the Super Crew children’s books which provide fun reading adventures designed to motivate kids to try fruits and vegetables to become strong, smart and healthy.

Halas-Liang is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a Masters degree in Nutrition Education and holds a Certificate of training for Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management. Melissa has over 15 years of diverse experience in nutrition management, counseling, clinical trials, teaching, media and writing and currently serves as Co-President of the Los Angeles District of the California Dietetic Association.

SuperKids Nutrition experts provide trusted, evidence-based and reliable nutrition information and resources to help improve the lives of children and their families. It has become an amazing child nutrition resource that provides easy-to-read, credible information for parents and healthcare professionals, as well as engaging tools to educate children on the importance of eating healthy.

conditioning and expert coaching aren't enough to push you to be your best.Good nutrition must be a key part of your training program for you to succeed.